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Hi David,

Hope all is well?

The TR5T has arrived safely and in good condition, it is everything I was hoping it would be. The thing I remember most is the smell of the new engine.

Thanks and Best Regards


Graeme Wall
Australasian Tiling Adhesives Pty Ltd ( ATA )
3 Progress Court
Laverton North Vic 3026
ABN: 92 154 228 207
PO BOX 6468 Footscray West Vic 3012

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From: Mike
To: mail@dcclassicmotorcycles.co.uk
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:31 PM
Subject: Filters

Thank you for the express delivery of the 3 new Oil Filters for your Unique Filtration System.

They where ordered yesterday morning and arrive 30 minutes ago, so fitting is done leaving only the Oil Tank to be fitted and filled.

A great little Oil filter, so thanks again

Kind Regards. Mike


From: Ian
To: mail@dcclassicmotorcycles.co.uk
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 8:22 AM
Subject: Triumph Twin Rocker Box Caps

Hi Dave

Will your rocker box caps fit a 350 Triumph T90. If so can I have a set? I'll give you a ring when I know you're in.

If you remember you tidied up my crankcases for me last year. I got the bike MOT'd last weekend and I'm pleased to report that it doesn't leak! You made a very nice job of it. I've enclosed a couple of photos. I still need to get a couple of styling strips for the tank.


From: David Varley [mailto:david@dcclassicmotorcycles.co.uk]
Sent: 07 April 2011 09:12
To: Ian
Subject: Re: Triumph Twin Rocker Box Caps

Hi Ian

Glad to see you have finished your project it looks very nice ! and yes the rocker caps will fit your machine no problem,very kind regards Dave

From: Ian
To: David Varley
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 9:16 AM
Subject: RE: Triumph Twin Rocker Box Caps


PS The swinging arm seems very smooth as well






From: Simon Ward
To: mail@dcclassicmotorcycles.co.uk
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2011 6:52 PM
Subject: Triumph 400

Hi Dave

I brought your 400cc Triumph from you back last July, thought you might be interested in a few pictures of it in action at the Talmag trial near Aldershot last weekend, my son & I share the use of the bike & its been used a fair amount since we purchased it from you.

The only issues I have had to sort out was the clutch slipping & the carburetion, have to say if you have a problem with Triumph clutches slipping or swelling up fit LP williams modified clutch plates cured all the problems (the above is not a moan about the bike)

Have to say it must have been one of the most photographed bikes at the event, every time it was parked up it always drew a crowd of people, looking & poking about & just sounds awesome on full chat up the hills as well.

Can you tell me where you get your fibre glass rear no plates from as I would like to fit them to our other pre 65 Matchless's


Simon Ward

Simon Ward ringing a Triumph 400 supplied by D & C Motocycles

Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 3:17 PM
Subject: Francis Barnett purchased.


Well pleased with the bike.

Delivered to me at 9am Friday.

Rode today Sunday after just putting in fuel and oiling the back chain. I left all the rest as it was.

Bike is very light and agile. pulled 2nd on wet muddy climbs and gripped well.
I will fiddle with the back brake pedal as it is difficult to locate but thats all. It is a much better bike than I am rider.

Thanks for all your help.


To Whom It May Concern,

re. Oil filtration system

I have recently fitted this First class Product to my Royal Enfield Bullet , as you will see in the photo’s it is a real piece of engineering from this great outfit, it will add extra filtration and cooling not a bad thing , and it looks as it should of always been there , thank David for a great product! feel free to use this and the photos I sent you on your website !!!

click for larger picture

Keep up the good work,

Best regards

Kevin Miller , Newcastle Upon Tyne England

greeves tes 250 1964

i bought the above bike from you in january this year. the bike is 100% i could not be more pleased. the villiers carb. is a bit tired and i am thinking of getting a new amel carb and inlet manifold, could you supply? if so how much? also i am showing the bike in june and july,do you know if there is any history attached to this bike? thank you again for supplying such a great bike.

yours peter fletcher


Hi Dave

I hope you found a good Band B Sunday night and had a safe journey home today. Many thanks for the additional effort you put into delivery of the bike to me in Hastings.

I am so pleased with the condition of the bike and could not wait to get home from work This evening to take it out for the first time and I must say I really enjoyed the experience It is comforting to know of a good old fashioned firm that you can rely on to exceed all Expectations in every way

All the best Paul
Hastings East Sussex
P/S I have left you some feed back on your e/bay account

16 March 2008 02:12
RE: Oil Filter

Hi Dave

I have studied your oil filter, and as a machinist myself, I could not have made it for less $ . It will fit my AJS just fine.

Make me aware of any other products that you manufacture, that are not on your web page. I remembered yesterday that somewhere I have the remains of an 1966/67 BSA Bushman , Loos like a villiers 2stroke maybe 150 cc. This is an incomplete basket. It is my home town 2500 kms from here but I will be back in Quebec in July. I will never do anything with it.


11 December 200718:03
Subject: Tap


New fuel tap arrived this morning.
That's what I call good service!



Sent: 31 March 2008 17:15
Subject: somerset d 1 g

Hello David.

Just a note to let you know how pleasing the C11G has turned out to be. All I have really done is to replace the cone 622 with a re-built mono 375 and it now rides almost like a mini Ariel ! I have also acquired a Lucas alternator and chaincase so the next job is to convert from total loss to batteryless ignition. I heard a rumour about a Cl 1G alloy barrel at Vale-Onslow in Birmingham, but upon enquiry I was told "yes"(so its not a myth),but they sold it nearly 30 years ago LWould you have any advice on an— alloy barrel acquisition or manufacture? 1 accept its a long-shot but any help would be appreciated, and as far as I know, it would be unique in the South West.

Best regards, Richard.

Dear David

Please find enclosed cheque, as promised.

The bike performs very well following the fitting of the Highway Kit. Please thank Craig for his perseverance with an unknown task, and for putting up with my assistance!

It is always a pleasure to visit and to do business with you, often meeting fellow Enfield enthusiasts at the same time!

With best wishes,

click to read ... I received the chain etc. on Saturday morning .....

Hello David

Just a quick line to say thank you very much for your excellent service and great deal on my Clubman.

The bike arrived safely last night and I have been out a couple of times already coming to terms with the quirks of a true British classic © Only ever having bikes with gears on the left and brakes that work has really spoiled me in the past....now I am really starting to understand what being a real motorcycle enthusiast is all about!!! Seriously though I wanted a bike with 1960's character and there is no doubt this bike has it in spades and I love it.

I want to thank you for sorting out the dual seat which really made a big difference to me and has managed to keep the peace at home. Imagine me having all that fun on my own, Kim would never stand for it so she is really pleased to be able to come along too.

Over the years the original toolkit/spares pack has disappeared, is it possible to buy these from Enfield or is it better to put my own toolkit together. If so are the nuts metric or imperial and what tools would you recommend for roadside emergencies? On the same lines I didn't notice a service book or owners manual in the document pack so I assume there isn't one (or are they hidden on the bike somewhere), are these available from Enfield?

Finally can I pick your brains about getting into neutral? I notice that the neutral selector is removed from the clubman model (because of the rearsets I presume) and I have so far failed to select neutral whilst the engine is running no matter how much I fiddle about and jiggle between 1st n 2nd. Is this a 'feature' I learn to live with or is there some dark secret that old brit bikers know about slipping into neutral ©

Once again can I say what a pleasure it was to deal with you and thank you for a really great experience.
Regards Andy

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Many thanks for the Rocker Caps....

David and all at D+C

After having had a few reservations at first about buying a bike unseen, I must say that I am delighted with my recent purchase. The online photos, your written description, and your advice were key to making an informed choice. Together with your own concerns about matching a bike to my requirements, and an efficient delivery service, it made for a rewarding transaction as the bike is 100% in every way what I had hoped for. I would certainly recommend D+C to any friends without hesitation.

Many thanks. Regards Richard Masters

click to read Just a note to say how delighted I am .....


I've got the motorbike. Is fantastic!!!! These weekend, I'll test it. I belive that it runs as well as nice is.

Have you got another one like these. I'd like another for my son. Tell me if you have got it, and the price for me.

Thanks a lot for your efficiency and professionality.

Ramon (Spain)

click to read Thanks for the tank and pipes .....

Hello David

As I spoke to you briefly after recieving the bike I want to confirm that I am very happy with it. It is the first bike I have bought unseen and there is always an element of insecurity in doing that. It is a first kick starter and runs very well in addition to looking well. It is great to see a bike that has been properly built as distinct from being a lash up of bits. For me the important thing was always that it would be properly built with the correct parts.I will use as is for a while but feel I might lower the overall gearing a bit when I get the feel of it.

Thanks again for your help. If I am over that way I will give you a call though the garage is a bit full and I want to avoid further temptation.

Best Regards

Eddie (Ireland)

click to read Thanks for your help .....

Hi Dave

I have studied your oil filter , and as a machinist myself, I could not have made it for less $ . It will fit my AJS just fine. Make me aware of any other products that you manufacture, that are not on your web page.

I remembered yesterday that somewhere I have the remains of an 1966/67 BSA Bushman , Looks like a villiers 2stroke maybe 150 cc. This is an incomplete basket. It is in my home town 2500 kms from here but I will be back in Quebec in July. I will never do anything with it

click to read I was smiling and singing all the way home .....

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